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Education from Afar

Once upon a time, classrooms were brimming over with students, and teachers were helping them to learn. Today, the distinctive rise of e-learning has changed education dramatically. Now teaching is undertaken remotely through digital platforms. We welcome you to join us in our quest to build the best e-learning platform.

With the advent of Edmodo, Beaconhouse Oman is now at the forefront of delivering interactive education to the comforts of your home. The e-learning platform aims to provide students with access to the high-quality education that they were promised. To put it succinctly, we are providing everything one expects from a school and a whole lot more.

Using Edmodo

As the students begin to see the new realities of virtual learning, Beaconhouse Private School Qurum leverages Edmodo to hold classes for years one to 11. Edmodo connects students with their teachers and fellow learners in a virtual setting, where they indulge in various learning activities using their own computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Our meticulously scripted tutorials guide students through any difficulties that they may encounter while using the online learning platform. In case of a technical anomaly, we strongly urge students and parents to reach out for assistance.

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Online Learning Around the World

E-learning is the new normal. We recognize the unique challenges e-learning presents as students of Beaconhouse Oman are not the only ones that are learning, parents and teachers have to make some grave efforts too. See how the rest of the world is reacting to remote learning.


Practicing Social Distancing

We are actively accepting online applications for the Fall 2020 enrollment. We have endeavoured to ensure that our online enrollment process is as smooth, personal, and informative as possible. For inquiries, we would invite you to reach out via email/phone number.

To learn more about Beaconhouse Oman, please peruse the curated information on our website.

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