Extracurricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities at Beaconhouse Qurum Kindergarten

The Curriculum at Beaconhouse Kindergarten Qurum is wide and diverse and enables students to explore a range of key learning areas. We concentrate on:

Creative Development such as Art and Music motivates students to experience different textures, patterns, shapes, lines, and colours to help them express their feelings. Music classes emphasize fun and enjoyment where students can sing and play with different instruments and listen to a variety of music.

Personal and Social Development, we devout that students learn by observing and interacting with other people around them. The goal is to provide a place where students can improve their social and moral values. Students are encouraged to present their best manners and behaviours. And they have to respect different cultures and societies.

Physical Development includes different sports, activities, and team games. Students obtain an awareness of expanding their hand-eye coordination skills and motor skills. They will learn how to work and communicate as a part of a team.